I have always been treated GREAT that is why I come back for service.

J. Kelly
Great Job Frazer service!!!!

Tony and Ray make my day!!! Top Notch!!! Couldn't be any better.

S. Barbagallo
I have visited the Frazer location in the service department numerous times.  I have always had a pleasant experience.  The gentlemen at the service desk are always polite, professional, and efficient.  Unfortunately I forgot their names but I feel like they should no go without recognition.  I went in today to inquire about my GPS holder having a small issue. They personally helped me and did a fantastic job.  There was not a long wait and once they found out a part needed to be ordered he submitted it and without hesitation informed me he would give me a call when it came in.  How easy! I didn't have to waste time filling out forms and sitting in a waiting room, or feeling like I am bothering the workers with concerns I have about my car like I have experienced at other dealerships. I am thankful to have this location (Frazer) nearby to stop in with any issues I have with my Suzuki SX4.

N. Griffith

I just want to thank the Frazer Suzuki service department so much for providing such excellent service.  We've been looking for a reputable Suzuki dealer for a long time and we've finally found one!!!  Thank you so much

R. Hutson

Great Service!!! Love The New 2011 JEEP WRANGLER!!! THANKS


This is the fourth car that I've purchased here! THUMBS UP for this organization. I have always gotten a good deal from Jeff D'Ambrosio Auto. The salesman are very helpful and well knowledged on the vehicles. An added bonus is that they are local to where I live. I can easily access their service department where they are located and plan on doing so!

William Smith
William Smith

Millville, NJ

Simply uncompromised service. We were walking the dealership lot, looking at the FIAT500s and was greeted by FIAT Specialist,Edgar Floyd. Edgar is professional, courteous, and gets the job done.
Any questions or doubts we had were very quickly answered. Edgar presented a no pressure, very flexible, friendly demostration of the vehicle we were intersted in. Edgar explained, in detail, the services offered by Jeff D,Ambrosio's Dealership and staff, including that of the vehicles' manufacturer, FIAT. Jeff D'Ambrosio has a fabulous selection of vehicles. Edgar had ready; w/ tags, fuel, and roses for my wife, a very well detailed, beautiful Pearl White FIAT 500 Sport. Edgar and Tina gave us a tour of the facility, introduced us to most of the availabe staff, and signed us up for the vehicle's first serviceThe Finance Manager, Gregg Taylor, is brillant, pleasent, and very professional. Gregg went to work and crunched out "the numbers" to fit us perfectly. Ci siamo divertiti un mondo! (We had a great time!)
Grazie tante!
Coatesville, PA

I stopped at Jeff D'Ambrosio's auto group to look at the chrysler 300. I was meet by Dave Baldwin. He was very helpful and I was able to test drive one very quickly. They had two I liked but different colors. One was in the showroom {spotless] and the other on the lot. I could not decide on which color to pick. I asked Dave if he would detail on one on the lot so I could compare it to the one on the showroom floor. He had no problem doing this for me. I returned at the set time and the car was ready as promised .I purchsed one. The paper work went quickly with both Dave and Trish explaning everything carefully and completely answering all my questions. I did not have a way to pick the car up but again Dave had no problem with delivering the car to my home,SHOWROOM CLEAN and on time. Everyone at the dealership I had contact with treated me with respect and was very helpful and frendly. I would definately buy from then again. Thank you. P.S. I LOVE THE CAR
Morgantown, PA

This will be my fourth Mitsubishi purchased through D'Ambrosio of Downingtown, Pa. since 2003. I doubt it will be my last. Anyone can sell you a car - dealerships do it all of the time and D'Ambrosio does it well. This was my first time working with Bob and he was knowledgeable, listened to what my needs were, and was not pushy. But then, I've never had the 'strong arm tactic' at this dealership; another big plus.
I love my Outlander's - I now own two - well-built, stylish, economical, with just enough bells and whistles to make driving more than a function of getting from place "A" to place "B". D'Ambrosio's service after the sale keeps me coming back for more. Tom in the service department puts the "S" in service - pleasant, accommodating, and courteous. The work is done well, as quickly as possible, at a fair price. And the coupons that arrive in the mail, always at the right time, offer an additional savings. Each time I am ready to purchase an automobile I think, maybe I'll consider another manufacturer; and each time I walk straight through the doors of D'Ambrosio. I love this dealership!
Avalon, NJ

I Went in about a month ago needing a car for the lady since we had a new baby and Richy got us hooked up with a super nice Mercury Milan, we love it. The baby was getting fussy while we were there and he let her take the baby home in it while we finished up paperwork, I thought that was a lil over and above. I have been wanting a Fiat since Fiat and Chrysler got together and on Memorial day I stopped in to look at them and they were open (didnt think they would be). Richy let me drive one even though I wasn't really serious about buying one and when I got back he made me a deal I couldn't refuse and now I have the only Fiat on my block! You need to go see him, you will NOT be disappointed! So basically two cars in one month, the man is doing something right.
Ron DIFerdinando
Downingtown, PA

My uncle referred me to Edgar Floyd at the D'Ambrosio Auto Group to follow up on my interest in Fiat. It was late on a Saturday when my wife & I got to the dealership. Edgar quickly answered our questions and got us behind the wheel of several Fiats. We left the dealership very excited about Fiat and the dealership experience. By working with Edgar (via phone) over the next few days, our desired Fiat was located. Edgar was sensitive to our need to pick up the car much sooner than expected. With a sense of urgency, Edgar and the Fiat team worked to have the car ready for early pickup. THANK YOU Edgar and team! The Fiat/D'Ambrosio experience has been wonderful.
Lancaster, PA

If you are considering a car purchase, and should happen to be shopping at Jeff D'Ambrosio Dodge.....Walk to the Service Waiting Area Lounge...and sitting at the desk in front of the window (by the water cooler and T.V.) is a sales professional with a great genuine smile....Bob Holmes. Walk up to Bob Holmes and ask for his assistance with your new venture of purchasing a car....and....if Bob is not sitting at his desk....ASK SOMEONE TO HAVE HIM PAGED. The perfect rating I have given above, is due to the great experience I had with Bob Holmes.
In my opinion, Bob Holmes SETS THE BAR for sales professionals everywhere! Not only is Bob very professional and extremely knowledgeable,...but he is genuine, trustworthy and caring. His understanding of the difficulties of an unstable economy...and the strain it places upon people the driving force with which Bob is able to place all of his clients in the "Driver's Seat". Bob is a great listener...and...he always knows exactly how to fulfill his client's needs....with ease...and follows the sale from beginning to end.
I have purchased two cars from Jeff D'Ambrosio Dodge with Bob Holmes as my consultant ( 1 used and 1 new Dodge Caliber)....and feel that I have not only have the best sales consultant...but one who is also like a friend.
In addition, I have had both of my cars serviced consistently at Jeff D'Ambrosio Dodge for the past 7 years and found the Service Dept to be fantastic....always professional, helpful, courteous, knowledgeable, trustworthy and warm...Whenever I have my car serviced...Bob Holmes also takes the time to say "hello" and to ask if there is anything he can do for me...and how my car is performing.
Thank you to Bob, the Finance Dept. and Service for making business and driving a car,...more pleasurable I will always recommend Bob and Jeff D'Ambrosio Dodge to my family, friends and associates...I am a customer of Jeff D'Ambrosio Dodge for life!

Ocean City, NJ

From the time we met Dave he walked us through our purchase and explained everything step by step.He asked what vehicle we wanted to look at and what, if anything, did we Not want in the vehicle. ( I didn't want to have to step down into the passengers seat)He did not try to push a bigger model or a car with lots of extras. (We told him in the beginning we didn't want that)He helped us decide which would be better, the rebate or the lower interest rate. We felt so relaxed and felt we could really trust everything he told us, not just trying to jack up his sales. Our experience with Dave was one we will remember and appreciate always. If we are ever in the need of another vehicle, there is no question where we're going and who we're going to see.Bruce even explained how to tell what year a vehicle was by the vin #. ( just something I always wanted to know.) (By the way, I hope his back is doing a little better.)In chatting in between business about our families and lives, we found we had a lot in common. I guess I'd better stop but I just can't say enough how glad We were to have Dave be our sales person for our purchase. If all your people are like Dave, you must have a wonderful staff and there's no reason you cannot be the #1 dealership in the county. (maybe you are, are you?)
Thanks for your time,
Ray and Noreen McLucas
Parkesburg, PA

The sales staff was extremely helpful,knowledgable,and curtious. Small problems that came up were not a problem with Dave and Jack. They treated me with respect and kindness as per their reputation. This being my first visit they definitly have a return custimer
Downingtown, PA